Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Example of topics for your Speech

Persuasive Speech
1. The government should be persuaded to pay for all healthcare. By the way you can fill in other verbs and nouns in most of the free persuasive speech topics in this list. Just tweak.
2. Teachers are not safe in schools.
3. We are better off today than we were eight years ago.
4. We are killing the rainforest.
5. Children in ... fill in the nation of your choice ... are living better.
6. Continue the war on drugs by attacking the ingredients needed.
7. DNA databases jeopardize our privacy.
8. Vanity is not a valid reason for cosmetic plastic surgery.
9. The rich pay, don't pay enough taxes.
10. Return extra taxes collected to those who paid.
11. All MP3 music belong in the free public domain.
12. Needle exchange programs help to prevent.
13. Mothers should be persuaded to avoid fighting in militairy combat front lines.
14. Free speech don't include, include hate speech.
15. Spam e-mails should be, should not be outlawed.
16. We need a single food safety agency. Remember, replace the nouns and you can write easily other free persuasive speech topics.
17. Downloading copyrighted MP3s is not, is wrong.
18. Gay couples should be, should not be allowed to marry.
19. Higher energy prices is a sacrifice we have to make for cleaner fuels.
20. Home schooling provides a better education, is worse for your child.
21. Honesty, integrity and a persuasive mentality are the most important qualities of an elected official. Or vary on the qualities and create your own free persuasive speech topics on gouvernement, state or local politicians.
22. Zero tolerance is a useful instrument to prevent violence.
23. Babysitters younger than 16 years should be forbidden.
24. Human cloning is bad, is good.
25. Restrict every household to 60 gallon can on trash a week.

All persuasive speech topic statements above are not reflecting my personal opinion! These just are samples of free persuasive speech topics.

Informative Speech

1. Strange Allergies
2. Antivirus software.
3. Architectural movements.
4. Asthma solutions.
5. Classic Cars.

6. Barbecue tips.
7. Bed and Breakfast.
8. Charity methods.
9. Chess strategy and tactics.
10. Mountain climbing.

11. Dental care.
12. Exotic pets.
13. Famous illusionists.
14. Feng Shui.
15. Formula 1 racing.

16. Game boys.
17. Guitar manufacturing.
18. Hinduism, world's third largest religion.
19. Horse breeds.
20. Indian Food.

21. Italian cuisine.
22. Kayaking.
23. Kosher Food.
24. Landscaping.
25. Fundamentals of logistics.

26. Multiple Sclerosis.
27. Parenting.
28. Snowboarding.
29. Stress management.
30. Historical Dodge trucks.

31. Voice Over IP.
32. Wakeboarding.
33. Wildlife.
34. Wine making.
35. Yoga.

Demonstrative Speech
1. do air bags work.
2. apply table manners.
3. asphalt cement is made.
4. do batteries work.
5. to investigate a black box.
6. do boomerangs work.
7. do bulletproof vests work.
8. to choose jewelry for an evening dress.
9. to choose tasty champagne.
10. to deliver an effective speech.
11. to make the best doughnuts.
12. to organize a prom night.
13. to find a good roommate.
14. to get a refund after you bought something you don't like.
15. to get satellite tv for free.
16. to secure your home from burglars.
17. to lose weight safely.
18. to build a compost bin.
19. to build a pyramid of cheerleaders.
20. an artificial pacemaker stimulates a heart.
21. perfumes are designed.
22. to prepare for a job interview.
23. to register a trademark or patent.
24. to overcome fear of public speaking.
25. personalized rubber stamps are made.
26. speedometers measures speed.
27. thermometers work.
28. antique barometers work.
29. to get rid of roaches, mice and other pests.
30. topographic maps are made.

Public speaking speeches on processes needs visual aids to enhance the message. Use the proper props, posters, slides, handouts, graphs and charts to help understand your process demonstration speech topics.

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