Monday, January 2, 2012

UFS 211 - Academic Reading & Writing in English Tips

Session: Sept - Dec 2011

Section A (20 Marks)
20 Multiple Choice Questions of Parts of Speech

Section B (40 Marks)
Part 1 - Writing Topic Sentences
Part 2 - Writing Supporting Sentences
Part 3 - Writing Concluding Sentences
Part 4 - Sentence Structure

Section C (40 Marks)
Paragraph Writing 
(Keeping Fit, Interesting Habits, Cosmetic Surgery, Plagiarism)
- Topic
- Topic Sentences
- Supporting Details
- Conclusion
- Linkers/ Sequence Connectors

Best of Luck & Kindly go through the notes given earlier.

UFS 201 - English for Specific Purpose Final Exam Tips

Session Sept - Dec 2011


Part I:  Grammar
Part II: Idioms
Part III: 1st & 2nd Conditionals
Part IV: Direct & Indirect Speech
Part V: Adjectives / Modal Verbs

Part I:   Reading Comprehension


Part I: Writing a short paragraph based on the topic given. The paragraph should be 100 to 150 words.

For example:

a) If I were a can turn back to the 90s,...

b) If I could travel to Brazil,...

c) If I win on million dollars,...

Part II:

Choose ONE of the two synopses and write a story dialogue based on the synopsis chose. It should be 150 to 200 words. You may include narration where necessary.

For example:

1) Azhar failed in final examination. As a friend, try to give him some word of encouragement & advice.

2) Farra and Joanna are planning to go on vacation. Discuss about your planning.

Please study the previous post according to the tips given.