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UFS 301 Essentials Business Communication Skills (Course Outline)

Course Outline:

1)   JOB INTERVIEW ( 15 minutes/Individual)
      Each student has to prepare the following documents:
            -           Cover Letter / Letter of Job Application
-           Curriculum Vitae or Resume          
-           Letter of Recommendation

1)         CONTENT/ORGANIZATION                   -           3 MARKS
2)         PRESENTATION                                        -           3 MARKS
3)         LANGUAGE                                                 -           2 MARKS
4)         BODY LANGUAGE                                     -           2 MARKS
                                    TOTAL:                                             10 MARKS

2)   Presenting (Demonstrative or Persuasive)15-Minute Speech - (Individual Task) – 10%

i)                    You are asked to present a product or service to your audience which will persuade them to buy or use your product or service. You can choose something that already exists or something you create. The main point is to appeal to your audience. (Demonstrative or Persuasive)

ii)                  Prepare your Speech Outline and submit to your respective lecturer for approval. Each student is not allowed to have the same topic with the others and make sure your topic has been approved before your presentation.

iii)                You are required to keep all your original sources and you have to cite your sources/bibliography in your Speech Outline.

iv)                Mode of presentation – You are required to select either Power Point with visual (Still or moving Images) or you are allowed to bring the authentic materials however you have to get the approval from your respective lecturer.

v)                  You are not allowed to read your text but you can prepare ‘Que Cards’ for reference (Marks will not be awarded for reading). Rehearse your speech, time it, practise your eye contact and improve your pronunciation.

Marks Allocation:
1)   Content                -           3 marks
2)   Visual Aids           -           2 marks
3)   Language             -           3 marks
4)   Grammar             -           2 marks
                        Total:              10 marks

            Writing Formal Business Report
Form a group of 4 - 6 members and select an interesting product or service (Related to your field of studies) that you would like to carry out a survey on. Your group leader has to delegate tasks to each members and your report should consist of these details:

1)      Formal Business Report
2)      Questionnaires
3)      Interview Report
4)      Findings – Raw Data
5)      Bibliography / Source
6)      Graphs or Charts of Findings
7)      Gannt Chart – Progress Report
Each group has to present the report using Power Point with some visual to support your report.

1)         BUSINESS REPORT FORMAT               -           3 MARKS
2)         CONTENT                                                    -           7 MARKS
3)         ORAL PRESENTATION                           -           7 MARKS
4)         GRAMMAR                                                 -           3 MARKS
                                    TOTAL:                                             20 MARKS

4)   Oral Presentation (Group) – To present topics in Chap. 1 & 2 (10%)

5)    Mid Term Assessment (10%)
      A mid-term assessment will be held on week 8 and will be based on topics covered up  
      to week 6. Absence without a valid reason will result in an automatic failure of the

      The final examination will be conducted on week 16 and the paper is for 2 hours

Download your Lecture Notes here:

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