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UFS 211 - Course Outline


  1. Group Project- Folklore Short Story   (10 Marks) – 14 Oct 2011
This should be a short story based on a Malaysian theme. Each group should consist of 4-5 persons and should produce a folklore short story of about 800 words (not including the prefatory pages, e.g. cover page, acknowledgement, content page etc, The students should conduct a simple investigation to collect relevant data or information from secondary sources such as books, newspaper, magazines or articles from the internet (Bibliographical style according to Harvard Referencing System). The topic chosen by the students must be approved by the lecturer concerned before any work on the project is carried out. Subsequently, the students in the same group will decide on the sequence of the presentation and the section each student is responsible for. Finally, the students will prepare visual and rehearse for the presentation.

Assessment criteria for short story
The written short story will be assessed on:
  1. The ability to identify the theme
  2. Originality of analyses and ideas
  3. The ability to present the story in a logical, coherent and well structured discourse
  4. Students’ written language competency

Language                            3                     
Content                               5                     
Organization & Style            2
Total:                                 10 Marks

Guideline for typing
Font: Times New Roman/ Arial
Font size: 12
1.5 spacing
A4- sized paper
Printed on A5 paper
Submission Deadline:    Week 1 (12 -16 Sept 2011) - submit title of the story
Week 3 (26 – 30 Sept 2011) - show edited / revised draft
Week    5 (10 – 14 Oct 2011) - submit written short story

2.         Video or oral presentation (10 Marks) – 12 to 16 Dec 2011 - 19 to 23 Dec 2011 (Week 19 -20)

Students will record their play and present it to the class. If the students are unable to
record the play , they should act  out in the class. Each group is given 15 minutes to present  
their play.

Assessment criteria for video or oral presentation

Students will be assessed on:
1.     Clear and intelligible English pronunciation with proper stress
2.     Presentation skill ( voice projection/ control, eye contact, body language, etc)

Language                                              3
Content                                                 3
Visuals & Overall impression Delivery     4

      Presentation time: 15-20 minutes

3.         Grammar Test – (10 Marks) – Week 13 (5 – 9 Dec 2011)

Students will be tested on conjunctions, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in Week 13. The test items will be prepared and administered by individual lecturer in class. Students will be individually assessed. The question paper must be submitted together with the answer script at the end of the test. Students have 1 hour to complete the test.

Assessment Criteria

  1. Wrong use of participle:0mark
  2. Wrong tenses: ½  of the total mark
  3. Wrong subject –verb agreement:1/2of the total mark
  4. Without verb to be:0 mark
  5. Spelling errors or missing words in the sentence: Deduct ½ mark.

4.         Reflection Journal (Blogging) and classroom participation / attendance (10 Marks)

Students are required to watch 5 movies in any genres with their peers (One selected by the lecturer). Then, they are required to write a critique to reflect their opinions based on the movies and retell the story of the movies in their own style of writing. The journal should be written in their own blog. (20 entries with 300 words for each post)

             Submission date: Week 12 (30th Nov 2011).

5.         Vocabulary Presentation – (10 marks) – Pair work

      Students in pair will choose 5 new vocabularies with more than 3 syllables and present to the class. They must include – Word, Meaning, Antonym, Synonym, IPA and write it on their blog and distribute handouts to the students. All the words presented will be tested in Quiz.

6.   Narrative Speech – The Unforgettable Childhood Memories (10 Marks) –                              Mode: Individual –  Week 10 -14

      Each student is required to choose any topic and present to the class for 10 minutes. Students are advised to refer to their respective lecturer for approval of their topic and they are not allowed to have the same topic with their friends. Students are strictly required to memorize the speech and not allowed to read from the paper.

Rapport      – 2 Marks
Content       - 3 Marks
Voice          -  2 Marks
Grammar     -  3 Marks
Total:            10 Marks



Classic Novels

1)         Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

2)         Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austen

3)         The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

4)         Andersen's Fairy Tales by Hans Christian    

5)         Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

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