Friday, February 25, 2011

My Precious Brother you're gone too soon..

I Wish I Could See You One More Time

Come Walking Through My Door
But, I Know That Is Impossible
I Will Hear Your Voice No More
I Know You Can Feel My Tears
And You Don’t Want Me To Cry
Yet, My Heart Is Broken
Because I Can’t Understand Why
Someone So Precious Had To Die
I Pray That God Will Give Me Strength
And Somehow Get Me Through
As I Struggle With This Heartache

That Was Caused By Losing You

In Precious Memory Of Sylverius Julius
Who Walked Through Heaven's Gate on the 15 February 2011

You'll be forever missed brother! Rest in Peace!

1 comment:

Hans said...

Dear Freda.
Just surfing on the net I saw your site.
"My Precious Brother you're gone too soon.."
All what's precious is vulnerable.
Just realise that the problem is yours and not his....
I don't know your religion but I'm sure that he stays better than you.
Sorry for interferring in your private life, but it was open on the net, and it touched me.
Hoping you'r not blaming me, I wish you all the power you need to cope with this lost treasure.
Kind regards, Hans van Weezel