Monday, August 16, 2010

My Fun Time - Please Mr Postman

Just wanna share with you a video of me singing 'Please Mr Postman' (not so clear) during Omar's Birthday in 2009..Thanks to my international students from Egypt, Khalid and Mohamed Ali for  uploading this shot. I just hope that you guys can be together as you used to be..just bury the hatched..patch up and at least talk to each other. Remember the good things that you have done to each other and just discard all the bad things.  I just want to see you guys together again..just for the record,  I enjoyed teaching both of you and it was the best experience I've ever had. 

Omar..thanks for inviting us during this occasion...
My debaters,..Ultraman, Jaejaye, Hakim, Clifford, Alvin Jepin, Joey, Chester, Rajpal, Jashvir, Hairizal, Laetitia, Mohamed Ali and Khalid..also, Ms Ruhaidah ..Thanks for the great moment..You guys rock!


siti the twins said...

wow! surely you had a great time.... and miss... thank you cause you've been teaching me and my twins all this time..., i'm so sorry i didn't catch you on your last day at ATI.... and yes,thank you for teaching me to create my own makes me feel vogue.

Freda Jane said...'re most welcome..I hope i can catch up with you guys via blogging..I enjoy visiting your blogs..keep it up!

siti the twins said...

thank you miss.... LOVE you!