Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why do we call New York The Big Apple

If you do a google search for the word “The Big Apple“, you will find out that first result talks about New York. But how come? Isn’t it supposed to show some big apple? Well for those of you that do not know New York is also called The Big Apple.

Back in 1940-1945, a guy named Robert Emmerich who used to play piano in the Tommy Dorsey Band, wrote an interesting song called “The Big Apple.” But it was not that New York got the name Big Apple right after that song, years passed and people forgot about the Big Apple. But there was on one person who did not forget it. And it was none other than the legendary reporter Walter Winchell. He did not forget the song because he loved the song so much that in his daily column and on the air he began referring to his beat, New York City, as “The Big Apple,” and with time it became popular, and even though people do not know or remember Robert Emmerich, they do refer to New York City as the Big Apple thanks to Winchell.


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